hei! members pioneering Mindfulness and Fasting initiative

The next 6 months will see hei! members pioneering a new 3-part programme designed to improve the quality of life for people over 40.

hei! members will receive £120 per week for helping psychologists and psychotherapists at the National Institute for Clinical Research into Stress (Nicrs) – and biomedical scientists at The ELK-Foundation – formulate the ground-breaking regime that comprises:-

1) Individually tailored and supported mindfulness courses – these have been shown to combat recurring depression and increase psychological calm and sense of wellbeing

Mindfulness is known to help with concentration in times of stress, so hei! is keen to explore ways in which its members can gain benefit from this simple-to-do technique, both in their work and outside it.

2) Easy-to-achieve forms of Intermittent Fasting – supported by self-hypnosis and mindful exercises

3) The individual stress monitoring invented by Nicrs and ELK known as Bespoke Stress Profiling. This was the main subject of research work undertaken with the first group of hei! volunteers at the end of 2012.

Monday 4th February – Covent Garden

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hei! – the healthier-entertainment industry campaign – is run by the National Institute for Clinical Research into Stress and the registered charity, The ELK-Foundation.

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