Get-togethers in Central London and Brighton

Our first get-together was held on Monday 22nd October 2012 with the intention of finding out how a health research charity and entertainment professionals could work together to their mutual benefit.

We did!

Both sides have a lot more to learn, of course.  But it was a very fine start.

Members from many areas of the entertainment industry attended: actors, dancers, musical directors, musical theatre professionals, opera singers, producers, stage managers and writers. It was relaxed, fun and informative.
The session started with an overview of stress from biomedical scientist Professor Ray Iles and psychologists and psychotherapists from The Elk-Foundation [link to] which covered:

What stress is -

How it can be very useful – not least to entertainment professionals -

How it can overwhelm us sometimes  -

How we can harness its energy to improve our personal performance -

How we can predict and control our personal stress levels to avoid -

  • fear,
  • panic
  • and stop it controlling us!

The get-together allowed us to explore hypnosis and mindfulness, two further potential ways to control stress.

If you are a professional working in any part of entertainment industry you are more than welcome to come along and find out how to improve your health and earn some extra cash doing it.

Future dates are below. As places are popular and limited you will need a ticket, which is free – please email Travel claims welcome.

4th February 13,  2.00-4.00,  Central London

6th May 13, 2.00-4.00,  Brighton