Are (some) powerful people re-thinking what is important?

Tadhg Ó Séaghdha updates the blog Why do we just accept what powerful people think is important? 

It advocated that Happiness should be reflected in how the powerful measure profit and worthiness – as well as Money – because for many people dosh isn’t everything in life

In the Blog Section we wrote the hei! team’s thoughts on Oxfam Scotland’s call for a new prosperity measurement that focuses on equality rather than just economic growth.

Lots of views from hei! members, though most by email directly to me, rather than the blog, and mostly sending me interesting information like that about the campaign “Action for Happiness“.

Do download the excellent Happiness Pack from the site. It’s all rather nourishing stuff for those who don’t make money their first priority. It was for this campaign that John Kabat-Zinn, the founder of Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction, did a talk at the Friends’ House in Euston, London just after the International Mindfulness Conference in Chester in March and to introduce…

…the second edition of Richard Layard’s warming book Happiness: Lessons from a New Science.

And a great link to the news that The ELK-Foundation’s first 8 week Mindfulness Practice course is free to hei! members. Most institutions price this course at about £250 (about €290 or US$370).

One thought on “Are (some) powerful people re-thinking what is important?

  1. People in entertainment have made a life-decision about forsaking riches for something else (though sometimes I do wonder what, exactly, I have as my goal instead of a nice, steady income – is it fame or the love of the public or just some feeling that what i do is appreciated by some people not only whom I don’t know, but whose names I may never know.
    This seems a reasonable life-decision. It’s not for everyone, but it is for many.
    So why does the whole world (including sadly The Today Programme) assume that money is the way by which the success of most things should be evaluated.

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