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Entertainment and
health professionals
working together for the
good of us all

The hei! Clinic

2 types of hei! clinic:

• Day clinics in Brighton, London and Hertfordshire – with Edinburgh and North-west England being added later this year.


• The only residential and rehabilitation clinic specifically for people working in entertainment and the arts.


What can these 2 types of clinic help with?

In fact…

These clinics are staffed by health professionals from The ELK-Foundation and The National Institutes for Clinical research into stress – Registered Charity SC038777

How much?

All clinics run by the ELK-Foundation and the National institutes for clinical research into stress – that means the hei! Clinic too - run an affordability policy.

You will need to have registered as a hei! member to make use of this policy – so why not register right now?

hei! is completely free to join.